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Spring Is Here!

Greetings And Salutations All Ye Happy Yogi…

Spring is here, at least in our hearts, and the essence of new beginnings leads us out of this long and cold winter.  Our commitment to providing a pleasant and safe space for our practice involves an ongoing cosmetic and functional makeover.  We finally replaced our cracked mirror. We installed new carpeting in the common areas.  Our painting project is nearly finished and we would like to thank Peter Thayer for his diligent and thorough work.

There are still many projects in the planning and development stage as well as the fundraising stage! We plan to extend our suspended ceiling and install a more natural lighting system in the common areas.  Our bathrooms are in need of some attention as well and we hope to get to that by fall.  Our new heating and ventilation system kept the studio nice and hot over the cold winter months, even in the early morning.  The new heat recovery fresh air ventilation system in the yoga room has made a big difference in the quality of air during the crowded classes both with venting carbon dioxide and managing humidity.

Mark The Date!  Sunday April 13th at 11:00 am we are hosting a baby shower for our teacher Kelly Benson. We hope you can join us in celebrating her expected newborn.  Her registry is at  babyearth.com and also at Target.

Welcome Back to Ashley Bench!  Ashley taught for us here for a few years and then moved to Colorado. She will be staying with us for about a month beginning April 10th and teaching many classes, including the Saturday 11:30 intermediate class.

As many of you have heard by now we are in the process of “breaking up” with Bikram Choudhury and Bikram Incorporated. This is opening up many possibilities for us that we are excited to explore. Our new Fusion class on Tuesday morning at 8:30 and Friday evening at 5:30 is being well received. Our intermediate class offering on Saturday at 11:30 is a nice challenge for those wanting to delve further into their asana practice.  We will be adding a weekday version of this class with our summer schedule. Our core focus remains the Hot Yoga 26 Posture 90 minute Beginner Class that we have always offered. We are in the legal process of changing our name and once that is completed we will slowly rebrand all of our marketing and promotional material.

We wish you all a beautiful Spring season and hope to see you in the yoga room.


Angela, Michael and all of us here at Maine Hatha Yoga.

An Important Message From Angela And Michael

Dear Students,

Change is upon us. Author Anais Nin said, “Life is a process of becoming, a combination of states we have to go through. Where people fail is that they wish to elect a state and remain in it.” We had elected to remain affiliated with Bikram Choudhury in the midst of several years of unfair business practices, law suites and fear tactics designed to force our independently owned and personally loved small business into becoming a faceless façade of a global franchise. We successfully resisted these offensives and distanced ourselves from the Teacher Training Center and the activities of Bikram Inc. We did continue to promote Bikram Yoga because the style of yoga is well known and the benefits are well documented. However, the actions of Bikram Choudhury have become excessively intolerable. We will no longer associate our studio with a corrupted corporation and its questionable CEO.

Though we are separating ourselves from the name and brand “Bikram,” our beloved yoga practice remains untarnished. It stems from a much larger ocean of knowledge, wisdom, and practice. The Ghosh lineage of Hatha yoga is an offshoot of Paramahansa Yogananda’s universal yoga teachings. Bisnu Ghosh is Paramahansa’s younger brother. He focused the physical culturing path of Hatha yoga into a safe, reliable, and effective discipline. We are the direct beneficiary of this transmission of wisdom, and we will continue to share it with you. We are thrilled to now have the freedom to teach from the entire 84 Asana series, including the 26 postures you are most familiar with.

We are committed to providing a safe place for healing and transformative growth. We are committed to continuing training for ourselves and our staff so that we provide you with the best possible attention and care. We are committed to you so that you may find the place, patience, and perseverance to do the same. We know and we live the benefits of this yoga, we see its transformative powers reflected in you every day. We are eternally grateful to you, our most direct teachers, and to the lineage of yoga as a healing practice.

Over the next few months we will rebrand our studio as Maine Hatha Yoga. We will continue teaching the All Levels 90 Minute Bikram Method Hot Yoga that we have taught since 2002. This is our core focus. We will also offer alternate classes that explore the Classic Hatha Yoga 84 Asanas and their therapeutic effects. We are blessed to serve this inspiring community.

Much love, Angela and Michael

The Creative Breath

_DSC8004As students of  an asana yoga practice, we work to improve our understanding of ourselves by experiencing ourselves within each moment. This is achieved by exposing ourselves to certain variations of form or expression, aka asana, and then observing the reactions, sensations, and fluctuations that occur within ourselves. To remain observant is difficult, to say the least. We can facilitate this process with the creative breath. In most circumstances, throughout most of our lives, breathing is an automatic (autonomic) and reactionary process. For example, when we encounter some strenuous or stressful circumstance our breathing pattern reacts to this and adjusts rate and depth without any conscious act. We take this for granted.  In fact, we rely on the inevitability of the reaction to carry us through the experience. In an effort to remain observant of ourselves within each moment, it is helpful to alter the relationship we have with our breathing. Instead of allowing breath to remain automatic and reactionary, bring the movement of breath to the forefront of imagination and cerebral activity.  Breathe as a conscious and creative act. The asana and the experience of the asana within the moment then is a result of the breath.  The breath is the creative source of the experience.  This is a fundamental shift in perception that while subtle, profoundly transforms a practice and our experience of ourselves.

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